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Mission Statement

The Penacook Community Center is a non-profit, multi-purpose organization, opening in 1954 after 6 long years of construction with a mission of providing the citizens of Penacook and surrounding towns opportunities to promote, develop, and maintain social, educational, and recreational activities.

Vision Statement

The Penacook Community Center is committed to be an active participant in promoting a society and community where children, adults and seniors are valued and are provided with optimal opportunities to learn, develop and share those skills, attitudes and attributes that help assure lifelong learning, health, safety, independence, happiness and personal success. Our Community for all ages is enriched by the participation of each individual as they thrive to reach their full potential in an atmosphere that supports diversity and encourages reciprocal partnerships.

Our Child Care Philosophy

Joy and challenges of life experiencesThe Penacook Community Center provides a safe, warm and nurturing home-like environment where the developmental needs, interest and maturity levels of children 21 months to 12 years old are met. All of our well-trained professional educators bring learning to life with a structured developmentally appropriate curriculum that nurtures and facilitates growth through each stage of development. We provide a balance of teacher directed and self directed activities that enrich and enhance each child’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive growth. We facilitate the development of each child’s intellectual competence and provide exceptional care that is supportive, nurturing and responsive to each child’s needs. It is our intention, through a well planned developmentally appropriate curriculum along with the encouragement of enthusiastic teachers, that the children will develop a positive self image as they experience the joy and challenges of engaging in life experiences that help them learn and grow.

Our stimulating age-appropriate environments are designed to provide a multitude of rich learning experiences that facilitate personal growth. From blocks to books, to puppets to paper, to imaginative play areas to musical instruments, there are endless assortments of activities that engage the children’s interest and stimulate their minds. There are extensive opportunities for experiential learning to take place both in and out of the classroom during large and small group activities as well as during solitary play. There are many opportunities for children to be creative and practice social interaction skills and problem solving skills as they interact with their peers in many of the thematic and free play areas found in the classroom.

Family get-togethersParental and family involvement is a very important part of our program. We encourage family involvement and interaction with special holiday get-togethers, special multicultural celebrations, family get-togethers, and interactive end of year sing-a-longs. We maintain an open door policy where parents may stop in and join their child for some fun in the classroom at any time during the day. We believe that parents and teachers are partners in each child’s care and education. We understand that every child is unique and we consistently work with each family as reciprocal partners to help each child develop their full potential.

We strongly believe that to teach is to touch someone’s life forever.

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Awards and Certificates

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